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Thread: BMW i8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve. View Post
    I got dragged into an academic misconduct case last year. One of my (Indian) group members plagiarised everything. He even plagiarised from one of the group members. WTF.

    90% of my postgrad cohort is Indian or Chinese and I'd say 60% of them really struggle with English.

    All of my Professional staff are Asian or Indian and I've interviewed many who have come through the Australian Uni's. There are a lot with very sketchy English skills, they never make it past interview stage. Most that I end up employing were educated overseas.

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    Recently been announced that the i8 is going out of production, having sold around 20,000 units worldwide. Certainly a unique car, I think a lot more would have been sold if the performance matched the looks.

    They are getting seriously cheap now. This Roadster would have likely been around $300k on-road, so $210k for a car with 385km on it is a big whack.

    I do wonder how these will be viewed in the future ?

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